A photo of a white woman with long brown hair, blue eyes, wearing a big smile. She is standing in a fantasy woods art exhibit of felt trees

From the couch to the character sheet, I care about your stories.

Hello! I'm Elizabeth!

After a mental healthcare career, I aim to leverage my skills in administration, creative and technical writing, relationship-building, and communications in TTRPG content, writing, and development!

A pink LED sign reads "We are all made of stories." Above it, a wooden floating bookshelf holds gold-bound books and potted plants.

Gaming is my middle name.

As a longtime lover of video games and tabletop games, I love to tell the stories of the gaming world. I write about the intersections of mental health and gaming, especially the presence of trauma in narratives, and I would love to write engaging content for your gaming site! And if you need a GM, I would love to craft an adventure just for you - you name the system.

Justice matters.

In working with me, you will be working with someone who believes that every voice is worth hearing, every life is worth living, and that it is our responsibility to create a better world for the next generation. I engage in white accountability work, redistribute resources when I can, and maintain continuing education in anti-racism and social justice.

A progress pride flag, the classic pride flag with added stripes in an inverted triangle to represent the trans and BIPOC communities.
A brown outline of a twenty-sided die with a pink quill pen sticking out of the top as if the die is an inkwell.

Check out my Medium blog for creative writing, opinion essays, and gaming thoughts!